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Heat Pumps


With an Eskom-accredited

Heat Pump Water Heater

·  SAVE with an Eskom rebate! 
·  SAVE 2/3rds of your water heating costs every day 
·  Heats day or night - rain or shine 
·  No panels on roof or exposed glass to break 
·  Domestic & commercial models 
·  Alliance-trained installers & nationwide backup 

Join the revolution in Water Heating!
Alliance Heat Pump Water 
Heaters drastically cut electricity bills, are easy to install and are accredited on the Eskom rebate programme. It's the water heating trend that's fast gaining momentum in South Africa! Whether in homes or hotels, water heating accounts for a large portion of electricity usage. And with rapidly increasing electricity costs, everyone's looking to cut down.


Alliance Water Heaters work on the same heat-pump principle as airconditioners, extracting ambient heat from the atmosphere but, instead, transferring it to water. Thus where in a normal geyser, 1 kW of electrical energy produces just 1 kW of heat energy, with an Alliance Heat Pump Water Heater, 1 kW of electrical energy produces approximately 3 kW of heat energy. The result is water heated for only approximately one third of the electrical usage of a normal household geyser. You save two-thirds on your water heating costs!

Accredited on the Eskom Rebate programme,Alliance Heat Pumps carry a full Eskom rebate.
If you are replacing an electrical element geyser with a capacity of 100 to 300 litres, you will receive an up-front rebate of R3668 (excl VAT) on your Alliance unit. If you are replacing a geyser from 301 to 500 litres capacity, you receive a rebate of R4320 (excl. VAT). So contact Alliance now, and take advantage of Eskom’s rebate.!

Both Domestic and Commercial units available
The domestic Alliance Air units comfortably heat from 100 litres to 500 litres of water. For commercial use, as a result of the modularity of Alliance Heat Pump Water Heaters, as many as 16 units can be linked together to supply up to ten thousand litres of hot water per hour. Water temperature as well heating periods can be adjusted via remote control to meet specific hot water demands.



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